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About Havilah Resources – Havilah Consolidated Resources

Company Overview

Havilah Consolidated Resources is a multi-commodity exploration, development and mining company geographically focused on the African continent, which offers a comprehensive services across the mining value chain. All African projects are managed from our corporate head office in South Africa.

Our principal business activities are the acquisition, exploration, development and mining of minerals for commercial purposes.

 We believe in the use of innovative technologies to maximise the returns on your investments whilst mininising the impact on the environment and the risk on your investment.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable, value-added multi-commodities company through consistent performance in exploration and development of mineral resources and related infrastructure on the African continent and by developing and maintaining a culture of safety and environment at the work place.

Our Mission

To produce and protect our employees and shareholders value by executing high standard operational performance and delivering high-return growth through exploration, discovery and development of mineral deposits. We will accomplish these goals while providing leadership in health, safety, environment and social responsibility in a dynamic culture of excellence.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

All employees, officers and directors of Havilah Consolidated Resources are compelled to respect and comply with all of the laws, regulations, and best practice guidelines of the countries of the countries in which the Company conducts its business activities. Such legal compliance includes, without limitation, compliance with the “insider trading” prohibitions applicable to the Company and its employees, officers and directors.

All employees, officers and directors of the Company should avoid any conflict of interest with regard to the Company’s interests. They are requested to conduct work in a professional and transparent manner that eliminates any corruption. This includes strict compliance with anti-corruption laws, avoidance of gift, illegal payments or corrupt practices, either directly or indirectly to any party as an inducement or reward in relation to the execution of work on behalf of the company.

Corporate Governance

Havilah Consolidated Resources business operations are managed by its Officers under the direction of a Board of Directors (the “Board”). The Board is comprised of individuals who posses a broad range of business qualifications, professional experience and industry knowledge which enables the Board to provide proper leadership and expertise at the highest level. The Board has full control of the company and is responsible for overseeing the management and business affairs of the company and makes all major policy decisions. The Board has created several committees to assist in the accomplishment of its responsibilities: The Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Environmental, Health, Safety and Social Responsibility
Committee, and Corporate Governance Committee.

The Board has adopted a comprehensive Corporate Governance Guidelines and a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors, Officers and Employees to facilitate responsible business operations. The Board is committed to administering these guidelines with openness and integrity for the interest of the Company and its shareholders.


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“At Havilah Consolidated Resources, we believe in the responsible use of our limited mineral resources, using methods that will cause the least possible impact to the environment and natural resources.”

Gabriel Kamga
Founder & MD, Havilah Resources

“Unlocking the potential of Africa's mineral resources for the benefit of it's communities and nations”