We are committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards at all our exploration sites. Our employees and contractors are compelled to conduct their exploration and operations activities in a professional, environmentally responsible manner, in compliance with the applicable environmental laws and regulations, health and safety laws and safe work practices of the country in which they undertake business.

As general practice, we liaise closely with the relevant government departments in charge of environmental preservation to optimize communication and understanding of our operation activities in relation to environmental protection. Each employee has the responsibility to protect the environment and their own safety, as well as those around them.

The Company strives to integrate sustainable development into the business decisions and goals. We proactively conduct our exploration with a focus on minimizing impacts to the environment, protecting health and safety in the communities where we operate.


 We believe in the use of innovative technologies to maximise the returns on your investments whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

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“At Havilah Consolidated Resources, we believe in the responsible use of our limited mineral resources, using methods that will cause the least possible impact to the environment and natural resources.”

Gabriel Kamga
Founder & MD, Havilah Resources

“Unlocking the potential of Africa's mineral resources for the benefit of it's communities and nations”