Havilah Gas-Fired Power Project

Havilah Consolidated Resources takes the initiative to develop a gas-fired power plant in capacity of 400Mw in Mayumba, Gabon. The discussion with the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas for gas supply has been well in progress. Our strategic business partner is SEPCIII which has extensive experience on gas-fired power construction and financing.

The power plant will be built in two phases:

  • Phase I, 250MW to Mining and National Grid/PPA using Open-Circle-Gas Fired turbines (OCGT).
  • Phase II, to be ramped up to 400MW by retrofitting it into a Combined-Cycle-Power generation facility (CCGT).

The power generated will supply to Milingui iron ore mining, processing and smelting and other related projects such as brick making, marble mining and cutting, etc. The surplus power is planned to be sold to the national grid.

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